Information about KRATC

JSC “Klaipėdos regiono atliekų tvarkymo centras” (Klaipeda region waste management center - KRATC) is a merger of seven Klaipeda district municipality companies united by a common goal of creating new waste management system in Klaipeda region that complies with the environmental standards of European Union.

The main shareholders are Klaipėda, Palanga, and Neringa city as well as Klaipėda, Kretinga, Šilutė, Skuodas regional municipalities.

The project "The Development of Klaipėda Region Waste Management System”(project no. 2002/LT/16/P/PE/010) is being implemented since 2002.

The main tasks of the project:

  • Preparation of the technical project and tender portfolio;
  • Building of Klaipeda regional dump
  • Establishing municipal waste collection sites
  • Establishing composting sites
  • Closing down of old dumps
  • Technical maintenance
  • Technical assistance

The most important object of the new municipal waste management system is an environmentally safe regional dump, opened in 2008 in Dumpiai, within the boundaries of Klaipeda district municipal territory. KRATC is the administrator of the dump.

As of 2009 all municipal and construction waste is brought to Dumpiai. The old dumps, which are not environmentally safe were closed in 2010-2012 and are being re-cultivated. KRATS professionals constantly monitor the waste degradation process, maintain the surroundings and take the filtrate, the excretions from the dump to pollution treatment plants.

In 2008 Klaipeda and Neringa municipalities delegated municipal waste management in their territories to KRATC. KRATC organizes waste collection and collects fees for municipal waste management in these territories. The fees are then passed on to the municipal budgets and can be used only for the purposes of waste management.

In 2013 oversized, hazardous and compost waste sites will be built in all municipal territories.